Aug. 15th Saturday, The Assumption of Mary

Introduction The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary body and soul into heaven, was the only doctrine of the church proclaimed not by churchmen but the unanimous voice of the faithful, vox populi. For its so important; confirming Christ’s resurrection and prefiguring our resurrection body and soul on the last day. So lets confess any … [Read more…]

Aug. 2nd, Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Today Christ feeds the crowd in the wilderness. He still feeds us with the Eucharist in wilderness of today. Lets confess any ways we’ve failed to appreciate our communion with Him here.. Homily Once at Easter I asked an adult about to be baptized what becoming a Christian meant. “Really receiving the body of … [Read more…]

July 19th Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Faith is a wonderful thing, it can move mountains. That’s the message of scripture; Christ compares it to tiny mustard seed that becomes a great tree nurturing life of every kind. Lets appreciate our faith and confess any neglect in its practice.. Homily There’s a fine scene in Star Wars. Luke, training as a … [Read more…]

June 21st, Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Introduction Our liturgy this week calls us to serve God in action not just words. To live our faith and so be lights to the lost and needy world is our baptismal call. Lets confess ways we fail in this.. Homily Once a person approached a famous professor about a young man and said: “They … [Read more…]