Michael (A special poem for holy week)

Michael (an imagined description of the Archangel Michael’s presence at the cross) “The devil left him, to return at the appointed time” (Lk. 4:13) I was there when my blessed lord, Hung on the tree. Oh! The torment his suffering brought to me And all the prophets of antiquity. All the souls he was about … [Read more…]

Dear readers, I am back…

Dear readers, I am back, and so happy to offer you again. We are beginning with a new title, and I offer you also some poems about the crucifixion from my new collection, Poems from Heartlands in the next post; and below little illustrated poems from my notebooks that you might enjoy reading, as I … [Read more…]

Nov 24th Christ the King C

Introduction We call Jesus Lord because at his resurrection God gave him all power in heaven and earth; he must be king, scripture says until he puts all things under his feet. But our gospel reminds us that Christ is not a worldly king lording it over people but a king of love on the … [Read more…]