Nov 28th, First Sunday Of Advent Year C

Introduction The first reading today reminds us of the promised Saviour. In advent we prepare for the momentous birth of the Christ. And in doing so we prepare also for his second coming. In the meantime the gospel tells us to stay spiritually awake. Lets confess any ways we become careless about our religious duties.. … [Read more…]

The Blackbird

Dear reader, it’s a while since my last communication with my beloved readers and world-wide flock. In this time of global warming and ecological concern for disappearing flora and fauna all over the world, I offer you this little poem and painting from my new collection of poems (look up my collection Poems from Heartlands … [Read more…]

Nov 14th Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Introduction Our scripture at this dark end of the year naturally deals with the end things, death & judgment. The first reading deals with the end of the world and so does the Gospel. Let’s confess any ways we fail to prepare by good deeds and faith for our end. Homily Recently, I said to … [Read more…]

Nov 7th, Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Readings today focus on widows. In the first we have the widow who succours Elijah. In the second we’ve the widow who gives all she has to the temple. Both deal with generous giving to God and others. Let’s confess ways we fail in such love and generosity.. Homily In the early church Christians … [Read more…]

Nov. 1st Feast of All Saints

Introduction Today we remember not only the canonized saints but all the ordinary saints we have all known. It is a reminder to us that our central Christian call is to be holy as our heavenly Father is holy. Let’s confess any ways we fail in this witness.. Homily This time of year, as the … [Read more…]

October 31st Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Introduction Today’s very beautiful readings sum up our faith. We’re to love the Lord with all our heart and soul and love our neighbour as Christ loved us. Let’s confess any fail to love in our lives.. Homily Love is our vocation. What do is love? It’s a much abused world today, meaning anything from … [Read more…]

Oct 24th, Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Scripture today features blindness and seeing. The first reading sees the Israelites returning to the Lord, “all of them, the blind and the lame”. Similarly, Christ heals the blind man in body and soul. Let’s confess if we’re blind to the truth in our lives.. Homily Before I begin the homily, let’s close our … [Read more…]

Oct 17th, Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Introduction Redemptive suffering features in today’s reading. The first, a prophecy about Christ, says: “by his suffering shall my servant justify many”. And in the gospel He tells the power-hungry apostles they must embrace the cross. Let’s face our crosses and humbly serve God and others so as to help Him redeem a fallen world.. … [Read more…]

Oct 10th, Twenty-Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Introduction Today’s readings touch our times, they ask us to put our trust in God rather than wealth. That, as our first reading says, is where true riches is. In the gospel the rich young man rejects Christ’s call because he’s a wealthy man. Let’s confess ways we too put money or worldly concerns before … [Read more…]