Should priests marry?

Dear beloved readers, I include for you today a few comments and a poem on the burning issues today of married priests and women priest that I hope might help in understanding the church position on these issues. Next week I’ll continue my book, “The Island”. Best wishes and keep reading and give me some … [Read more…]

Refugee Crisis

Dear readers, The recent refugee crisis, and the image of the body of that little boy washed up on the beach left me shocked beyond measure. Where is our Christian care in Europe? But then again cold hard economics and money are the new gods we worship and sacrifice our very souls for. Where is … [Read more…]

The Island Part 2 And A Poem

Dear faithful and beloved readers. I’m happy to say my new book “Wheels of Light” is doing well, and advertised on the Irish Catholic and the British Catholic newspaper, The Universe. I am happily writing away and praying for you all. I include for your pleasure, the second instalment of my novel, The Island. And … [Read more…]

Message from Fr Con Buckley and two new poems

Dear beloved and precious faithful readers and friends, My book “Wheels of Light” is now available from Authorhouse UK (click here) or just email me at ““. I make no profit from it. I am just doing it for the spiritual benefit, entertainment, and ministry of  my colleagues and friends. I enclose another two poems … [Read more…]