Easter Message From Fr Con Buckley

Dear and most beloved friends and readers, I offer you an Easter gift of this poem which is an imagined dialogue of the archangel Michael at the foot of the cross; I wrote it on the Via Dolorosa, when I was lecturing in the Holy Land; hope you life it and draw some spiritual sustenance … [Read more…]

Message From Fr Con Buckley

Dear beloved and faithful readers, I am back online again¬† and I have published a new book. Its called Learn from Me, and exposition of the Sermon on the Mount (it can be got on line from More Books, citing the ISBN no. 978-3-330-70265-3 – excuse me for promoting it and no obligation – that’s … [Read more…]

Christmas message to you

Dearly beloved readers, as we approach Christmas, I wish you all a very joyful and peaceful Christmas; God bless you and be with you in every way. I enclose two presents, a little homily on the year of mercy, and a little poem about Christmas that I hope might inspire your faith in this great … [Read more…]

Should priests marry?

Dear beloved readers, I include for you today a few comments and a poem on the burning issues today of married priests and women priest that I hope might help in understanding the church position on these issues. Next week I’ll continue my book, “The Island”. Best wishes and keep reading and give me some … [Read more…]

Refugee Crisis

Dear readers, The recent refugee crisis, and the image of the body of that little boy washed up on the beach left me shocked beyond measure. Where is our Christian care in Europe? But then again cold hard economics and money are the new gods we worship and sacrifice our very souls for. Where is … [Read more…]

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Dear friends and beloved readers, I hope as the children prepare to go back to school that you have had a great summer, and look forward to an even greater autumn. Today instead of a poem, or a piece of my novel – they will follow soon, I offer a few other reflections that I … [Read more…]