April 3rd. Good Friday Year B.

Homily All human life’s here, the News of the World used to say. Certainly that’s true of the crucifixion story. All human life, mainly at its worst, is there: awful Roman cruelty; injustice and barbaric torture of innocence; terrible corruption, envy and vindictiveness among the Jewish authorities; the heartless betrayal of a close friend for … [Read more…]

April 2nd. Holy Thursday Year B.

Introduction. A family meal is holy, it binds parents and children together. Christ’s supper is similar, it binds us to Him and each other. Preparing to eat that supper, we remember our first holy communicants, who like the apostles will share bread with the lord in May, and we welcome the eucharistic ministers about to … [Read more…]

March 22nd. Fifth Sunday of Lent Year B.

Introduction: “When I am lifted up from the earth I’ll draw all men to myself”. Our Gospel sees Christ anticipating the cross and its result, the universal new covenant Jeremiah foretells in the first reading. On the cross the Christ became for all who obey him the source of salvation. Were called to dedicated service … [Read more…]

March 15th. Fourth Sunday of Lent Year B.

Introduction Our scripture this Sunday is about continuing conversion. Jeremiah describes the covenant with God as pure heart commitment and Christ talks of drawing all to himself in newness of life and faith. Lets confess any refusal to be converted in our lives.. Homily I’m sure you know St.Francis’s story. A great figure in Italy, … [Read more…]

March 8th. Third Sunday of Lent Year B.

Introduction: In our gospel Christ drives out traders who were ripping off poor Temple devotees. Like the present cult of economics, the concern of the Pharisees was with their Temple business. Christ, opposing corruption there, had to be silenced, despite God’s command: “thou shall not kill”. Greed can be as ruthless among us today. Lets … [Read more…]