Oct 4th, Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Introduction Scripture today focuses on marriage faithfuless. Our reading from Genesis says we must leave our parents and be joined to our spouses, and what God joins nothing should sunder. In the Gospel, Christ, rejecting divorce, echoes Genesis, what God unites man mustn’t divide. Lets confess if we fail in marriage faithfulness. Homily Marriages are … [Read more…]

Reflection On Refugee Crisis

Dear beloved friends and readers, Just a few reflections on the terrible refugee crisis in Europe at the present. It very sad to see so many desperate people. From a Christian, or even from a purely humanist point of view these are our brothers and sisters; we can’t turn our eyes away from them. And … [Read more…]

27th Sept, Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Introduction “If only all the people of God were prophets and He gave his Spirit to them all”, the first reading says. That kind of prophecy is seen in James’ condemnation of rich who exploit the poor. Similarly Christ condemns those who give scandal to the young. Lets confess ways we fail in concern for … [Read more…]

20th Sept, Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Introduction Today’s readings tell us that goodness always faces attack from the envious world. The first reading condemns cynical attacks on the virtuous man by godless opponents. And in the gospel Christ tells the apostles that because of his godly preaching he’ll be tortured & killed. Lets confess ways we follow the cruel cynical world … [Read more…]

Should priests marry?

Dear beloved readers, I include for you today a few comments and a poem on the burning issues today of married priests and women priest that I hope might help in understanding the church position on these issues. Next week I’ll continue my book, “The Island”. Best wishes and keep reading and give me some … [Read more…]

13th Sept, Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Introduction Constant faith through every sufferings is our theme today. In the first reading we have the image of the suffering servant who trusts in God despite fierce torture. Christ in the gospel, points to his own sufferings to come in the same spirit. Lets confess any ways we lack faith and trust in God … [Read more…]

Refugee Crisis

Dear readers, The recent refugee crisis, and the image of the body of that little boy washed up on the beach left me shocked beyond measure. Where is our Christian care in Europe? But then again cold hard economics and money are the new gods we worship and sacrifice our very souls for. Where is … [Read more…]

6th of Sept, Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time,

Introduction “The eyes of the blind shall be opened, the ears of the deaf unsealed”. Our readings envisage the cleansing of the earth and the coming of justice in Christ. James shows this was needed even in the early flock where distinctions are made between the poor and rich at mass. Christ in the Gospel … [Read more…]