July 3rd Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time c

Introduction Our readings this week are about God’s love. The first reading depicts that love as an intimate one; His affection for us is like that of a mother suckling her child at her breast. The Gospel prays that all will come to those nurturing loving arms. Lets confess if we fail to appreciate his … [Read more…]

June 26th Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary time

Introduction Scripture this week is about dedication to the faith. Elisha follows Elijah in the first reading. Paul tells us to stand firm and not submit to the yoke of slavery again. And Christ tells us that the man who puts his hand to the plough and turns back is not fit for his kingdom. … [Read more…]

June 19th Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time c

Introduction Our gospel this week features the cross. Christ says that we must renounce ourselves, take up our cross and follow him. No one can escape crosses in life, but if we bear with them in Christ then they can be turned to gold. We are to follow him through all the hard trials of … [Read more…]

June 12th Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time c

Introduction Our scripture today features sin and forgiveness. In the first reading the sin of David is forgiven by God but that fall, like all such, had wider consequences. In the Gospel Christ’s forgives the woman who anoints his feet. Lets seek forgiveness for our sins and their effects, knowing God’s infinite mercy.. Homily Maybe … [Read more…]

June 5th Tenth Sunday of Ordinary time C

Introduction Our readings this week carry on the theme of healing in God. In the first Elijah heals the widow’s son and in the Gospel Christ restores the widow of Nain’s son to life. Lets confess any ways we fail to help the sick who need us.. Homily There is a story told of Mother … [Read more…]