July 31st Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time c

Introduction “Vanity of vanities all is vanity”. Our first reading says undue toil for this world’s goods is foolishness. Paul also says that our thoughts should be on heavenly things. And Christ in the gospel says accumulated wealth will be of no use when our soul is required of us. Lets confess any sins of … [Read more…]

July 24th Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time c

Introduction Scripture today features the greatest of all prayers, the our Father. Christ only gave us one prayer because it says everything we need to say. Lets confess if we pray without meaning it Homily The Our Father is the gospel. The perfect prayer, it tells what we, children, should ask of a loving father. … [Read more…]

July 17th Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time c

Introduction Our readings this week feature godly hospitality. Abraham’s hospitality is rewarded by his wife’s pregnancy. Martha feeds and cares for Christ and Mary cares more so by listening to him. Lets confess any failure to have open hearts and hospitable homes. Homily We Irish are proud of our hospitality but are we as open … [Read more…]

July 10th Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time c

Introduction This is Good Samaritan Sunday, calling us to charitable love of all, especially those in need. Not just avoiding hurting them but lifting them up in their suffering. Lets confess any ways we fail to help fellow human beings fallen by side of life’s road.. Homily One day in Calcutta Mother Theresa saw a … [Read more…]