September 3rd Twenty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Our scripture this weeks about Humility. The first reading says the greater we are the more we should behave humbly. Christ in the Gospel says that he who humbles himself will be exalted. Lets confess any ways we let false pride and arrogance rule us.. Homily I was listening to TV the other night … [Read more…]

August 27th Twenty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Indifference to the salvation of one’s soul is an evil prevalent in every age. Many wrap themselves up the world and little consider their larger purpose and destiny after death. The Gospel this Sunday warns us not to fall into that trap. Lets confess any ways we neglect to nourish our soul’s welfare.. Homily … [Read more…]

August 20th Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Christ mentions division in the gospel, not to say we should be divisive but warn that in serving God we’ll experience attack from the world. The prophet Jeremiah was thrown in the well and Christ was crucified for witnessing to God. Similarly, we must be prepared to suffer even the pain caused by unbelievers … [Read more…]

August 15th The Assumption

Introduction The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary body and soul into heaven, was the only doctrine of the church proclaimed not by churchmen but the unanimous voice of the faithful, vox populi. For its so important; confirming Christ’s resurrection and prefiguring our resurrection body and soul on the last day. So lets confess any … [Read more…]

August 13th Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Scripture this Sunday is a mixture hope and warning. Christ tells us not to be afraid, we’re part of his kingdom. Yet on the other hand he warns us not to be complacent, the Son of Man will come in Judgement. To be ready for his coming we must stay spiritually awake. Lets confess … [Read more…]

August 6th The Transfiguration of the Lord C

Introduction “Vanity of vanities all is vanity”. Our first reading says undue toil for this world’s goods is foolishness. Paul also says that our thoughts should be on heavenly things. And Christ in the gospel says accumulated wealth will be of no use when our soul is required of us. Lets confess any sins of … [Read more…]