November 26th Christ the King C

Introduction We call Jesus Lord because at his resurrection God gave him all power in heaven and earth; he must be king, scripture says until he puts all things under his feet. But our gospel reminds us that Christ is not a worldly king lording it over people but a king of love on the … [Read more…]

November 19th Thirty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Fittingly, scripture on the last Sunday feature the apocalypse, the end of the world and Christ’s second coming in judgement. The first reading talks of evil-doers being burnt like stubble then but also the sun of righteousness shining out with healing in its rays. Christ says to endure in faith to the end whatever … [Read more…]

November 12th Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction “For you there can be no resurrection”, brothers being martyred say to the cruel pagan king. In the same way Christ points out in the Gospel, that God is lord of the living not the dead. Lets confess ways we fail to appreciate the importance of this. Homily Light is precious this time of … [Read more…]

November 5th Thirty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Scripture this Sunday continues the theme of sin and humble repentance. We have the beautiful story of Zacchaeus who is changed by the entrance of Christ into his house. Lets confess ways we refuse to let Christ into our homes to change our lives. Homily. “Will the circle be unbroken by and by, Lord, … [Read more…]