March 25th Palm Sunday B

Homily Do you remember the old stations of the cross; they were full of sweat & blood and a sorrowful Saviour rebuking us for our sins. They were both right, and yet at another level mistaken. The cross was hard, yes, but it was also a site of joyful triumph, the triumph of self-giving love. … [Read more…]

Message From Fr Con Buckley

Dear beloved and faithful readers, I am back online againĀ  and I have published a new book. Its called Learn from Me, and exposition of the Sermon on the Mount (it can be got on line from More Books, citing the ISBN no. 978-3-330-70265-3 – excuse me for promoting it and no obligation – that’s … [Read more…]

March 17th St. Patrick’s Day

Introduction: This weekend we celebrate the great and joyful feast of St.Patrick, our national patron. He was and is still a great light of faith to us and the world. Lets confess any ways we fail in following him in faith and love and goodness.. Homily Why is St.Patrick our national icon. Maybe because down … [Read more…]

March 11th Fourth Sunday of Lent B

Introduction Our scripture this Sunday is about continuing conversion. Jeremiah describes the covenant with God as pure heart commitment and Christ talks of drawing all to himself in newness of life and faith. Lets confess any refusal to be converted in our lives.. Homily I’m sure you know St.Francis’s story. A great figure in Italy, … [Read more…]

March 4th, Third Sunday of Lent B

Introduction: In our gospel Christ drives out traders who were ripping off poor Temple devotees. Like the present cult of economics, the concern of the Pharisees was with their Temple business. Christ, opposing corruption there, had to be silenced, despite God’s command: “thou shall not kill”. Greed can be as ruthless among us today. Lets … [Read more…]