Dec 2nd Ist Sun in Advent year C

Introduction The first reading today reminds us of the promised Savior. In advent we prepare for the momentous birth of the Christ. And in doing so we prepare also for his second coming. In the meantime the gospel tells us to stay spiritually awake. Lets confess any ways we become careless about our religious duties.. … [Read more…]

Nov 18th Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Introduction Our scripture at this dark end of the year naturally deals with the end things, death & judgment. The first reading deals with the end of the world and so does the Gospel. Lets confess any ways we fail to prepare by good deeds and faith for our end. Homily Recently, I said to … [Read more…]

Nov. 11th 32nd Sun in ord time B

Introduction Readings today focus on widows. In the first we have the widow who succours Elijah. In the second we’ve the widow who gives all she has to the temple. Both deal with generous giving to God and others. Lets confess ways we fail in such love and generosity.. Homily In the early church Christians … [Read more…]

Nov. 4th 31st Sun in ord time B

Introduction Today’s very beautiful readings sum up our faith. We’re to love the Lord with all our heart and soul and love our neighbour as Christ loved us. Lets confess any fail to love in our lives.. Homily Love is our vocation. What do is love? Its a much abused world today, meaning anything from … [Read more…]