Jan. 1st Tues. Feast of Mary mother of God, year C

Introduction Our scripture today reminds us that we are the family of God gathered here. We have a father and mother in heaven who looks after us. Lets confess any ways we fail those loving parents.. Homily The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world; mothers are the backbone of society. A good mother, … [Read more…]

Dec. 30 Sun Feast of the Holy Family year C

Introduction We may think of Christ as beyond things like adolescence, but remember he was fully human. Today we see the teenage Christ rebelling against his parents, staying in the Temple. Yet we also see him submitting to them and growing in age and grace. Lets confess ways we fail to love our parents as … [Read more…]

Dec. 25th The Nativity year C

Introduction What we celebrate tonight was the goal of all scripture and the prophets, the coming of the Christ. “Look your Savior comes”, Isaiah says. Paul says the infinite kindness and love of God is revealed at last in Him. Lets pray this holy night for the grace to live in his light, and lets … [Read more…]

Dec 23rd 4th Sun of Advent year C

Introduction “He himself will be peace”, the prophet Micah says of the Christ. In our gospel we see the peace, love and joy that Mary brings when, heavily pregnant, she visits Elizabeth. Lets confess where we fail to spread God’s love and peace around us at Christmas.. Homily “Christmas is coming and the geese are … [Read more…]

Dec 16th 3rd Sun of Advent year C

Introduction The first reading today says: ” God will renew you by his love”. So Paul says rejoice in the Lord. Our faith is not about long faces but joy then. Its what we celebrate this Sunday, this Gaudete or joyful Sunday. We light the pink candle to express the tiding of great joy the … [Read more…]

Dec.9th 2nd Sun of Advent year C

Introduction The preaching of John the Baptist about Christ features in our scripture this week. Already the fruits of Christ’s birth are predicted in the first reading in terms of the blessings showered on the exiles returning to Israel. And John prepares the way for the lord, he makes straight a highway for the Christ … [Read more…]