Nov. 1st Feast of All Saints

Introduction Today we remember not only the canonized saints but all the ordinary saints we have all known. It is a reminder to us that our central Christian call is to be holy as our heavenly Father is holy. Let’s confess any ways we fail in this witness.. Homily This time of year, as the … [Read more…]

30th October Thirty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Scripture this Sunday continues the theme of sin and humble repentance. We have the beautiful story of Zacchaeus who is changed by the entrance of Christ into his house. Lets confess ways we refuse to let Christ into our homes to change our lives. Homily. “Will the circle be unbroken by and by, Lord, … [Read more…]

October 23rd Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Our Scripture praised the humble tax collector’s confession of sin as against the proud self-righteousness of the Pharisee. Lets confess any refusal to humbly acknowledge our sins.. Homily Why does God hate sin? The answer is because he loves us and knows it is bad for us; the commandments were given to the Jews … [Read more…]

October 16th, Twenty-Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction “Pray continually..never lose heart”. We may not realize what a great glory prayer is. It heals the world, nourishes our inner life and unites us with God; lets confess any neglect of prayer. Homily I read once about an orthodox saint in Russia. He travelled all over Europe asking people how to pray all … [Read more…]

October 9th, Twenty-Eight Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Our scripture continues the theme of faith but faith associated with healing and giving thanks. Naaman is healed in the first reading by Elisha’s faith. And Christ heals the lepers, though only came back to thank him. Lets confess ways we fail to give thanks for the healing power of faith in our lives.. … [Read more…]