Dec 25th The Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ Christmas

Introduction: Tonight joy overflows at Christ’s birth and the salvation He brought. All was dark before God sent him, but after his coming as Isaiah says: “Those in darkness have seen a great light”. So, as Paul says, we should live good holy lives as we await his second coming. The angels and shepherds proclaimed … [Read more…]

Dec. 18th Fourth Sunday of Advent A

Introduction: The first reading reminds us today that God the Father sent us Jesus to recreate us as his family. This is the good news Paul describes, his closeness to us. As fathers, mothers or general carers lets do the same for all and confess if we fail in this. Homily One day I was … [Read more…]

Dec. 11th Third Sunday of Advent

Introduction: This is Goudete Sunday and we light a pink candle to show our joy in the lord. “Joy and gladness will go with them and sorrow and lament be ended”, the first reading says. Paul tells us not to lose heart for the Lord is coming and Christ tells us that they’re happy who … [Read more…]

Dec 8th Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Introduction This great feast, one of the few left in the church, reminds us of the dignity of the sinless one, our holy mother. For since Christ was also the one, in Paul’s words, like us in all things but sin so with his mother. So conscious of our own efforts to over come evil … [Read more…]

Dec. 4th Second Sunday of Advent

Introduction: As we light the second candle today lets reflect on how our advent renewal’s going. In the first reading we’ve a vision of the new earth the Christ child brings, the wolf lying down with the lamb. Like John in our Gospel we can shape this paradise by making straight the way of the … [Read more…]