Refugee Crisis

Dear readers,
The recent refugee crisis, and the image of the body of that little boy washed up on the beach left me shocked beyond measure. Where is our Christian care in Europe? But then again cold hard economics and money are the new gods we worship and sacrifice our very souls for. Where is our ordinary humanity and generosity of heart. By going in there we destabilized the whole area, we should accept all the refugees now as a reparation. Where are we in┬áthe west, morally lost? Austerity over humanity; taking from the poor, or leaving the vulnerable without help, for what? To keep rich bondholders happy! In Greece or Ireland crucifying the poor while claiming to be compassionate. Its time we woke up to the awful world we are creating as we regress spiritually, morally and humanely to the level of the self-centred and self serving beast, following our own disordered desires, without restraint, or any concern for the common good, or the plight of our most needy brothers and sisters. Surely any right-minded person must agree that we can’t go on like this. What sort of world are we creating for our children, what sort of example are we giving our children?

I include a little poem on the refugee crisis, that I hope will stir people’s conscience


I am a refugee
Lost out at sea,
Please help me

I am a refugee,
Locked in a squalid camp eternally,
Please free me.

I am a refugee,
Fences an walls only
I see before me,
Please help me

I am a refugee,
War and your bombs destroying me
And hard faces when I flee,
To regain my humanity,
Please help me.

I am a refugee,
My dead children on beaches you see
Every day, let me BE
Like you, working to support my family,
In your lands of the free.

I am a refugee,
Please open your heart and see,
That I only want what is humanely
My right, to be safe and to be free.
Won’t you help that to be.

God Bless Fr Con Buckley

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