26th and 27th of March Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday C

This feast’s blaze of light is the high point of our year, the central feast of our faith. For in Christ’s resurrection the whole world was brought to God’s full saving light and life. So having lit the Easter fire and pascal candle, lets purify our souls to prepare for this great mass of celebration..

Close your eyes and imagine living in darkness. Now open them to the blaze of light around you. When we were young we read by the frail light of oil lamps. Doing homework or my mother sewing strained the eyes. Then electricity came to illumine our home. Our feast is like that. Christ’s rising bursts like dawn on the world. Our cold lost night blazes with God’s warmth in Christ. What joy, yet sadness too. That some still prefer darkness, unable to bear the light or too caught up in the world to let it into their hearts. Sometimes even the church doesn’t always grasp this glory. Lackluster Alleluias show that. But Easter is about joy; the dream dreamed for 2000 years by prophets has come true.
Like the disciples we should race from the tomb with the news: “He’s risen and has gone before us”. For out of the cross of shame came a stunning victory. The darkness that oppressed humankind since the fall dissolved into glorious sunshine. Our mission is to shout that to the world. God raised Jesus, made him universal Lord and Savior, we no longer live in a pitch black night of pagan despair. Our response should be boundless joy. We should shout: “He’s Lord, he is lord, He’s risen from the dead and He’s lord, every knee shall bow every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”. Indeed, our mission is to confess that before an increasingly dark world. Where many reject God’s light and love in Christ we must work hard to restore the light, lest ignorance and worldly blindness drag us back to pit where Satan reigns.
Instead lets celebrate as his glorious children in light. Our ancestors suffered in heroically opposing those who’d snuff out that light. In today’s world of increasing materialism, secularism, violence, cynicism, drugs, youth despair we must do the same. As Christ’s glorious faithful we must proclaim the eternally liberating Easter message. This holy Easter lets do that, joyfully accept Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and proclaim him enthusiastically before the world for its true liberation and peace. For only his happiness and spiritual depth can light up souls here below until they flower into eternal life. Lets spread that good news. For this is everybody’s true way home, the resting place of every restless heart.
As Easter people lets shout alleluias for all to hear; He is risen; Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father. And in that light lets joyfully do the vital work of faith we pledged at baptism. In our ordinary job or vocation we shouldn’t be afraid to witness to joy in the Lord. For we enjoy fully the pleasures and good things of the world he gave us, and when the world passes we gain today the even fuller riches of life with the risen Christ forever. For a world without God is death and despair for here and hereafter, but Christ is lord of light, love, goodness, happiness and salvation both for this world and forever and ever, amen. So as God’s people born to everlasting light on this Easter of his risen glory lets rejoice that we’re people of the light and profess our faith with renewed love..

Prayers of the faithful
And gathered on this holy Easter, the high point of our Christian life and worship, lets pray confidently to the Father through the glorious risen Christ for the things that we need.

For Pope Francis, the bishops of the church and all its leaders throughout the world that they may bring to all the joyful liberating message of the risen Christ this day and always.

For civil leaders that they may help keep that light of our heritage burning among us and not fall prey to empty secularism.

For ourselves that this Easter mass of light and joy may lighten our own hearts into a grand spring and summer of faith to come…

For our youth that the Easter message may be more than cliched holiday cheer, may it penetrate their hearts and bring them to a satisfying personal commitment to the risen Lord and his church..

For the old people in our midst that their lives of faith, goodness and service may bring them the Lord’s rewards of happiness and peace and may God love come to them through us…

For the sick, may they know that the Lord is with them in their suffering, and may they experience through our care the Risen Lord’s love..

For the dead that they come to their own resurrection prefigured this night in the resurrection of their Lord and Savior who when he rose raised all of us to glory..

And we ask all these our prayers through Christ our risen lord and Savior who is close to his people and brings them the salvation and light of God forever and ever, amen.

Once I talked to African converts I’d baptized, and they explained how great a light Christ was for them, oppressed by pagan witch doctors and dark gods. It was great news to them that Christ died and rose to bring them God’s love. They found a new dignity, value, freedom and peace in Him and their lives lit up. We’ve the faith so long do we take it for granted? Have we lost its wonder? Lets appreciate it anew this Easter and live it anew the coming year. Lets pray to Mary to help us in this..Hail Mary

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