3rd April Second Sunday of Easter C

We continue to celebrate Christ risen. The first reading and the Book of Revelation show the apostles preaching Christ risen after Pentecost. They begin the universal salvation predicted by the prophets. Lets confess any failure to help in that mission.

“The candid scholar, the unselfish priest, the uncomplaining mothers”. McNeice’s poem “The Kingdom” lists those who belong to the Kingdom. They redeem the violent immoral aspects of each age, by living Christ’s words: “be not faithless, but believing”. In an age when cynics and skeptics abound we must do the same. We must refuse to make ourselves God, truth our whim, right whatever we desire. We must listen to God, the church, and the Pope who show us the more timeless way to life. For the contrary way is inner death in the long run; Satan’s sin of “I will not serve” that brings hell after to the earth, ever deepening darkness.
For if we’re not obeying one Master we’re obeying another. and our new secular masters would have us ignore our precious inner life, our dignity and moral conscience, the ground of God we stand on, the salvation of our immortal souls. No wonder when crises come young people, conditioned by this ethos, flounder. With no solid ground to stand on in a faithless, immoral world, they have nothing to satisfy the deeper needs of their souls.
I think that’s why Our Lady of Medjugorje says our’s was Satan’s age. Even as 20th century godless systems that spawned awful inhumanity and destroyed billions of bodies and souls, continues into today, the world it created, from Stalin to Hitler to the killing fields, should teach us that abandoning God only produces hell after hell. Kim in Korea imposing that ideology now threatens us with nuclear weapons. Just as libertine capitalist secularism, a related ideology, secularizes schools, undermines the church, abolishes faith. Must Christ come now, show his wounds and plead: “be not faithless but believing”; He came that we might may have life and have to the full; many prefer death.
So words are so urgent for now. Our scripture describes Christ’s resurrection, His showing of his risen body to win us to faith and goodness; to bring light back after thousands of years of fallen darkness. Yet a faithless generation won’t believe though he be risen from the dead. Unbelief is always hard-hearted, unreasonable and closed. As they say of charted miracles at Lourdes, for those who do not want to believe, no amount of proof is sufficient. In his own day hard-hearted unbelief broke Christ’s heart; we see him crying over Jerusalem: “I would gather you as a hen gathers her chickens under her wing, but you would not”. Its no different now; I’m sure if he came back and stood among us and showed his wounds many would refuse to believe or crucify him again. Or start a 50 year tribunal that would end up with a million-page document and no firm conclusion. That’s why Christ’s words are urgent now: “be not faithless, but believing”. Our forefathers through war, famine and colonial persecution believed and were saints. But an affluent generation says we don’t need God anymore. Fools! What good will money be when your souls are required of you and possessions consist of a six foot grave. Our forefathers will have the last laugh at the side of the Risen Christ. Love and faith gave them the victory over every worldly oppression. Only faith makes us human, infinitely dignified and eternally wise. For the things of this world of which Satan is lord fade to dust at last, leaving us empty inside, and a world devastated. But Christ is Lord of goodness, love, faithfulness, freedom, happiness and salvation both for this world and forever. Its to Him, and not hard faithless worldly self-servers, that the kingdom, the power, and the glory belongs forever and ever, amen.
So as Gods people, the blessed believing saints of the risen Lord, destined to share his glory, lets profess our faith anew..

Prayers of the Faithful
As the people of God, solid in faith and trust in God, lets ask the heavenly Father for the faith that we need most of all..

For our holy Father and leaders in the church that they may bring all the healing faith and saving presence of the Risen Lord..

For civil leaders that they may not go against our eternal good by ruthlessly promoting irreligious and secular ideology..

For youth, may they heed Christ’s words, “Be not faithless but believing” and follow of Him in living faith within his church, so as to be raised up to glory in this world as well as the next.

For ourselves in our homes that our children may appreciate the rich faith they’ve received; may we inspire them to keep their baptismal and confirmation promises as Christ’s faithful ones.

For the sick, the aged, the lonely and the oppressed that through our care they may know the love and care of God..

For our dead, having the kept the faith and run the race, may they receive the crown of life helped by our communal prayers.

We ask all these prayers through the Risen and glorified Christ who pleads for us constantly at God’s right hand..

There’s a story of Henry V111 at death. A friend said: “aren’t you proud, we defied the Pope and even God”. “No”, Henry said, “we lost everything”. Secularism is as senseless, abandoning life in God for a way of death. As a man lives so shall he die. To want empty souls for all eternity is the height of stupidity. So let’s heed Christ’s words, “Be not faithless but believing”. For what’s most enduring and unique in us comes from faith; high crosses, round towers, illuminated books. Our people brightened the human soul with a greatness of spirit that lit up the world. In continuing that, let’s Mary to help us..Hail Mary.

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