Aug. 2nd, Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Today Christ feeds the crowd in the wilderness. He still feeds us with the Eucharist in wilderness of today. Lets confess any ways we’ve failed to appreciate our communion with Him here..


Once at Easter I asked an adult about to be baptized what becoming a Christian meant. “Really receiving the body of Christ”, she said. After her baptism and first communion I asked how she felt. “For first time I feel real peace and happiness within”, she said. Christ feeds the crowds in John’s gospel. He still feeds us, His people, at each mass and we’re satisfied in body and soul. Lets remember how great a gift that is. for receiving every Sunday, we can take the Eucharist for granted. So today as we see Christ giving the crowds living bread in the wilderness, lets remember that we gather here to share the same living bread. Lets renew our love for this gift Of Himself which unites us to intimately with Our Lord. And Lets reaffirm his real presence for us in communion and in the Tabernacle of the church.

I sometimes think that he gets lonely waiting for people to come to communion or speak to him in the Tabernacle. That’s why perpetual adoration’s wonderful. It give us a chance to be with the Lord and make up for indifference to his loving Presence. For eucharistic communion is the kisses of our relationship. There’s a story of a man who’d go to church each evening on the way home from work and just say “heh Jesus, its me Tom”. He’d built such a personal relationship with Jesus it was like two pals meeting.

Our meeting with Jesus in weekly communion, and visiting him here, should be as personal and close. For that’s what faith is all about, building up a relationship with God. And the great way to do that is through the sacraments. For he promises: “whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him up on the last day”. Imagine, we’re part of eternal life each time we receive Jesus and adore Him in this sacrament. We join him in his heavenly home, eat with him and share his glory. And we’ve His help for our earthly struggles.

For the Christ we receive is not remote or uncaring. He died for us and God raised him and made him Lord, gave him all authority in heaven and on earth. In the Eucharist whether receiving Jesus or adoring the Blessed Sacrament we’re one with this glorious Lord who conquered sin, suffering, death and every earthly trial for us. In communion He makes us part of His glory, bears our burdens, and enriches our lives for this world’s joys and sufferings. Indeed, by sharing this bread we’re little less than Gods, as Paul says. For we share God’s life, commune with the saints in glory and are one with the universal church. That’s why Sunday mass is life for us. On Sunday Christ rose and on Sunday He feeds us, his people, with the bread of life.

So that, as scripture says, we can live a life worthy of our calling in complete selfishness, gentleness and charity. As Christ feeds us, so we should feed the needy around us in body and soul. He washed the disciples’ feet at the first mass. Our communion with Him should lead to humble service of God and other in daily life, helping Him to build the world into a eucharistic community of service. Here He makes us part of eternal life and asks us to bring that life to the world. For all else fade to ashes but He is lord of life, love, peace and salvation for the happiness of all peoples in this life and forever and ever, amen.

So as God’s people sharing in His bread of life and bringing its fruits to others in overflowing love, we profess our faith..

Prayers of the faithful

For our holy Father the Pope and bishops of the church that they may feed the people of God by preaching the Word well and leading us as a eucharistic community to happiness and eternal life..

For our civil leaders that they may serve the people under their care well, especially the poor and most vulnerable in society..

For our young people that they may come every Sunday to the table of the Word and the Eucharist, and so be fed by Christ unto greatness of life for this world and the next..

For ourselves that we may go from the table of the Lord to carry his faith, love, peace and grace to our children, our work mates and our community, and so enrich the lives of all we touch..

For the sick that through regular or First Friday reception of the Eucharist they may know the comfort, care and healing of Christ the Good Shepherd…

For the dead that having received Christ regularly here below they may come to the promised final resurrection and to the highest heaven through our prayers and masses…

And we ask all these prayers through Christ who is lord of us his eucharistic people of all the living forever and ever amen.


There’s a famous place in Italy where wine is supposed to have turned into the Lord’s blood during the mass of a priest who doubted Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist. Be that as it may, it brings home to us the real bodily presence of Christ in the communion. Lets pray to Mother Mary, who gave birth to Christ in the body, that we’ll always appreciate His living presence in communion where we are fed with the real Lord Himself..Hail Mary

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