Sept. 24th Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction My thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not your ways, God says. The main threat to faith is human twisting of it to narrow ideology. The North is an example of that. Lets confess any ways we use the faith to close our hearts to others.. Homily There’s a story from the … [Read more…]

Sept. 17th Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Forgiveness isn’t as easy as we think. Many of us carry grudges against others even into the grave. Many families have estranged members who won’t forgive or whom we wont forgive. Lets confess any ways we lack forgiving Christian hearts.. Homily A story from the last war illustrates our gospel. In Auschwitz, the terrible … [Read more…]

10th of Sept, Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time,

Introduction “The eyes of the blind shall be opened, the ears of the deaf unsealed”. Our readings envisage the cleansing of the earth and the coming of justice in Christ. James shows this was needed even in the early flock where distinctions are made between the poor and rich at mass. Christ in the Gospel … [Read more…]

Sept 3rd, Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction The cross is our faith. Christ is king on Calvary. His victory over evil on our behalf redeems all suffering. When God raised Jesus he raised us to glory too. Let’s be faithful through life’s sufferings, and confess if we fail to carry our cross with Him.. Homily Do you remember the old stations … [Read more…]

Aug. 27th, Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Jesus was given all authority in heaven and on earth when God raised him up. Before his ascension He passed that authority to the church; “whatever you bind on earth shall be considered bound in heaven”. He gave the keys of the kingdom to Peter the first Pope. Lets confess any ways we disrespect … [Read more…]

Aug. 20th Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction They say if you put a number of people of people in a room before long they’ll form into conflicting groups. Tribal division is deeply rooted in us and, despite the veneer of progress, its as prevalent today. Christ asks us to try to redeem that, by being peacemakers and loving our enemies. In … [Read more…]

Aug. 15th Saturday, The Assumption of Mary

Introduction The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary body and soul into heaven, was the only doctrine of the church proclaimed not by churchmen but the unanimous voice of the faithful, vox populi. For its so important; confirming Christ’s resurrection and prefiguring our resurrection body and soul on the last day. So lets confess any … [Read more…]

Aug. 13th Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Trust in God is the essence of faith. Christ says in our gospel “do not be afraid, I am with you”. It was also the motto of John Paul II and look where it led him. Lets confess any ways we may have failed to trust in Our Lord.. Homily “I feel just awful, … [Read more…]

August 6th The Transfiguration of the Lord A

Introduction “Vanity of vanities all is vanity”. Our first reading says undue toil for this world’s goods is foolishness. Paul also says that our thoughts should be on heavenly things. And Christ in the gospel says accumulated wealth will be of no use when our soul is required of us. Lets confess any sins of … [Read more…]

July 30th, Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Today Christ tells us the importance of both keeping the faith, the pearl of great price, and spreading it others. We are to be his missionaries to save a needy world in body and soul. Lets confess any ways we fail in living faith as gentle love. Homily I never tire repeating the story … [Read more…]