July 23rd Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Faith is a wonderful thing, it can move mountains. That’s the message of scripture; Christ compares it to tiny mustard seed that becomes a great tree nurturing life of every kind. Lets appreciate our faith and confess any neglect in its practice.. Homily There’s a fine scene in Star Wars. Luke, training as a … [Read more…]

July 16th Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction Today we have the beautiful parable of the sower. Lets pray that the seed of God’s word that is sown among us, as we listen devoutly to our readings, may bear fruit in abundance in our lives. And lets confess any ways we neglect the scriptures.. Homily Today’s parable reminds me of sowing potatoes … [Read more…]

July 9th Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction “Come to me all you who labor and are overburdened and you will find rest for your souls”, Christ says to today. And as we come to be united with him intimately in communion, where he comes to us as the great lover, lets confess any ways we may have failed to give similar … [Read more…]

July 2nd, Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Introduction Hospitality is something we’re famed for. Lets not let that tradition lapse for as Christ says, even a cup of cold water given in his name will have its reward. Conscious of that lets confess any ways we fail to have open heart and homes.. Homily There’s a fine scene in Alice Taylor’s “The … [Read more…]

June 25th, Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Introduction Our liturgy this week calls us to serve God in action not just words. To live our faith and so be lights to the lost and needy world is our baptismal call. Lets confess ways we fail in this.. Homily Once a person approached a famous professor about a young man and said: “They … [Read more…]

June 18th Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time A

Introduction Our scripture today features sin and forgiveness. In the first reading the sin of David is forgiven by God but that fall, like all such, had wider consequences. In the Gospel Christ’s forgives the woman who anoints his feet. Lets seek forgiveness for our sins and their effects, knowing God’s infinite mercy.. Homily Maybe … [Read more…]

June 16th The Sacred Heart

Introduction At a funeral a person told a story about the woman who had died. A few weeks before, she almost went. Later she complained: “I was almost there, the Sacred Heart was coming towards me with outstretched arms and I was so happy, and they brought me back”. Conscious of the importance of the … [Read more…]

June 11th Corpus Christi

Introduction Today’s first reading reminds us that the Eucharist feeds us in the wilderness of the world as the Israelites were in the desert. Paul in the second reading says it unites us with and makes us the body of Christ. And Christ tells us that through it we’re already part of eternal life. Lets … [Read more…]

June 4th The Most Holy Trinity

Introduction The Trinity is the great mystery of faith, what the old Celtic church called “the three in one and one in three”. Our readings deal with each person of the Trinity in turn. The first describes the majesty of God the Father. The second the power of the spirit in us, and the third … [Read more…]

May 28th Solemnity of Pentecost Sunday A

Introduction Today, Pentecost Sunday, celebrates the coming of the Spirit on the apostles, their confirmation as it were, when their faith was strengthened and they were empowered to go out to establish and spread the church. All of us received the same spirit at our baptism and confirmation. We too are sent out to spread … [Read more…]