3rd May Fifth Sunday of Easter Year B.

Introduction Our gospel reminds us that when we are one with Christ, like a branch on a vine, we bear fresh green leaves and much fruit. Thats why we come here to mass and communion, so that his life will grow in us, until we flower into eternal life. Lets confess ways we fail in … [Read more…]

26th April: Fourth Sunday of Easter Year B.

Introduction In our gospel today we see Christ the Good Shepherd watching over, caring, and laying down his life for us. Now as Risen Lord he continues leading us to green pastures of the Spirit. Lets confess any ways we hurt or ignore that loving Lord.. Homily When in the Holy land I’d see shepherds … [Read more…]

19th April Third Sunday of Easter Year B.

Introduction Repentance dominates our scripture this week. Peter asks people to repent and believe. John talks or doing God’s will as proof of our faith. And Christ says in the gospel that repentance for the forgiveness of sins should be preached to all. Lets confess any way we’ve neglected to repent of evil in our … [Read more…]

April 12th. Second Sunday of Easter Year B.

Introduction: We now enter the Easter period and scripture is full of accounts of the early church’s growth in the Spirit of the Risen Christ. Today’s scripture shows us that at the heart of that authentic early church was charity; they shared everything and no one was in need. That’s the model for us too, … [Read more…]

Fr Con Buckleys New Book Launch in Kenmare

Dear people, my new book of complete Homilies, Introductions, Prayers and Reflections is now available, its called “Wheels of Light”; just click the following link “liturgyaids.com” for details as to how it can be bought as a book or an ebook. Or it can be obtained directly from me, just email “conbuckley1946@gmail.com“.       … [Read more…]

April 3rd. Good Friday Year B.

Homily All human life’s here, the News of the World used to say. Certainly that’s true of the crucifixion story. All human life, mainly at its worst, is there: awful Roman cruelty; injustice and barbaric torture of innocence; terrible corruption, envy and vindictiveness among the Jewish authorities; the heartless betrayal of a close friend for … [Read more…]

April 2nd. Holy Thursday Year B.

Introduction. A family meal is holy, it binds parents and children together. Christ’s supper is similar, it binds us to Him and each other. Preparing to eat that supper, we remember our first holy communicants, who like the apostles will share bread with the lord in May, and we welcome the eucharistic ministers about to … [Read more…]