March 22nd. Fifth Sunday of Lent Year B.

Introduction: “When I am lifted up from the earth I’ll draw all men to myself”. Our Gospel sees Christ anticipating the cross and its result, the universal new covenant Jeremiah foretells in the first reading. On the cross the Christ became for all who obey him the source of salvation. Were called to dedicated service … [Read more…]

March 15th. Fourth Sunday of Lent Year B.

Introduction Our scripture this Sunday is about continuing conversion. Jeremiah describes the covenant with God as pure heart commitment and Christ talks of drawing all to himself in newness of life and faith. Lets confess any refusal to be converted in our lives.. Homily I’m sure you know St.Francis’s story. A great figure in Italy, … [Read more…]

March 8th. Third Sunday of Lent Year B.

Introduction: In our gospel Christ drives out traders who were ripping off poor Temple devotees. Like the present cult of economics, the concern of the Pharisees was with their Temple business. Christ, opposing corruption there, had to be silenced, despite God’s command: “thou shall not kill”. Greed can be as ruthless among us today. Lets … [Read more…]

March 1st. Second Sunday of Lent Year B.

Introduction: This Sunday we’ve the story of Christ’s transfiguration on Tabor. Usually his divinity was hidden, but there His body became radiant like at the resurrection. The Father appeared and said: “this is my beloved son listen to him”. Lets confess any failure to listen, to allow his light to fulfil our souls…. Homily Rose … [Read more…]

Feb 22nd First Sunday of Lent Year B.

Introduction Today begins lent’s fasting, prayer and almsgiving. The first reading recalls the flood, when people spurned God for an evil which destroyed them. Jesus tells us to repent and believe lest we die too. Lent’s prayer, fasting and almsgiving ensure our soul survival; for it purifies and strengthens us against Satan’s wiles. In its … [Read more…]

Sermon For Ash Wednesday (Feb 18th Year B).

Introduction Lent has come round again, and our readings echo the themes of prayer, fasting and alms giving to prepare for Christ’s birth with renewed hearts. Lets confess now any sin as we begin lent.. Homily Welcome to our Special Ash Wednesday mass. You know the story of Lourdes. There was a small girl Bernadette … [Read more…]

Sermon For Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Feb 8th Year B).

Introduction Today’s readings feature healing. We see Job anguished at life’s suffering. Paul, in the second reading gives us the remedy, blessed rest in Christ. We see that Lord in the gospel healing suffering all around him. Lets confess ways we doubt his healing presence or fail to be his healing hands to others.. Homily … [Read more…]

Sermon for Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Feb 1st Year B).

Introduction Readings today deal with true and false spiritual authority. The first reading affirms the authority of true prophets against those who invoke God for worldly ways. The celibacy ideal is under attack today; Paul in the second reading says that God is well served by it. Christ in the gospel teaches with authority and … [Read more…]