Sun. February 12th Sixth Sunday in Ordinary time A

Introduction: We’ve glorious gospels at this time, taken from Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, his new commandments for us, the new people of God. Called to live this blessed way to happiness, lets confess any ways we failed in mercy, peace or any other of the Beatitudes. Homily Our gospel today continues the Sermon on … [Read more…]

Sun February 5th, Fifth Sunday in Ordinary time A

Introduction A person I know says “I’m a non-believer, I don’t harm anyone, that’s enough”. But we’re here not just to avoid harm, but to do as much good as we can. We’re to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, our Gospel says. Lets confess ways we fail Christ, … [Read more…]

Sun Jan 29th Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Introduction This Sunday begins a series of gospels on The Sermon on the Mount, Christ’s new commandments. They’re wholly positive; not laws but inner ways to blessedness in this world and the next. Lets confess any ways we’ve fail in these key Christian areas, such as mercy, peace, love, and purity of heart.. Homily “I … [Read more…]

Sun Jan 22. Third Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Introduction “They followed Christ along the way”, we hear of the apostles. Our liturgy this Sunday calls us to do the same, to follow him faithfully through all the trials and suffering of life and so win the imperishable crown of eternal glory. Conscious of ways we may have failed in this lets call to … [Read more…]

Sun. Jan 15th Second Sunday in Ordinary time A

Introduction: “Behold the Lamb of God”. This week we might open our eyes in a fresh way to Christ and follow him faithfully. For, as a witty theologian said, most of us, instead of following him along the way, are more often “by the way, or in the way”. Lets confess any was we hinder … [Read more…]

Sun. Jan 8th The Baptism of the Lord

 Introduction Our gospel today features Christ’s baptism, it should remind us of our own baptism, how precious it was. For it made us God’s children. We received the Holy spirit and became a member of his local and universal church. Lets give thanks for that, and confess ways we have failed to live out our … [Read more…]

Fri Jan 6th. The Epiphany of the Lord

Introduction: Today we finish the Christmas period of feasting with the feast of the Epiphany or little Christmas as we knew it in Ireland, Nollaig na mBan. On that day all the women who’d done the work over Christmas sat down and men served. We pray that we’ll all help in this way; we ask … [Read more…]

Sun Jan 1 The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Introduction: We sometimes forget that just as we’ve a mother on earth we’ve a mother also in heaven. For Christ gave Mary to be our mother on the cross. We pray to that holy mother today for all mothers and we express our sorrow for any failure in our parental care.. Homily The hand that … [Read more…]

Dec 25th The Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ Christmas

Introduction: Tonight joy overflows at Christ’s birth and the salvation He brought. All was dark before God sent him, but after his coming as Isaiah says: “Those in darkness have seen a great light”. So, as Paul says, we should live good holy lives as we await his second coming. The angels and shepherds proclaimed … [Read more…]

Dec. 18th Fourth Sunday of Advent A

Introduction: The first reading reminds us today that God the Father sent us Jesus to recreate us as his family. This is the good news Paul describes, his closeness to us. As fathers, mothers or general carers lets do the same for all and confess if we fail in this. Homily One day I was … [Read more…]