March 1st Wed. Ash Wednesday

Introduction: We start lent today with prayer, fasting and almsgiving to prepare for Easter. Lets do so as if this was our last lent. For we know not the time nor the hour when our souls will be required of us. Conscious of the constant need for repentance and the renewal of our faith, lets … [Read more…]

Sun Feb. 26th Eight Sunday in Ordinary time A

Introduction We cannot serve God and money the gospel warns us. Greed and worldliness can take us over and become a false and useless gods, leading us to soul destruction forever. Conscious of this, lets confess any ways we may have let greed take over our lives… Homily A scene in Graham Green’s The Power … [Read more…]

Sun Feb. 19th Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Introduction: We continue today the outlines of Christian morality that is the Beatitudes. Today Christ shows the uselessness of violence. He asks us to be peaceful within so as to spread peace in the world. Lets confess any ways we have failed to be people of peace.. Homily There’s a fine scene in the film … [Read more…]

Sun. February 12th Sixth Sunday in Ordinary time A

Introduction: We’ve glorious gospels at this time, taken from Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, his new commandments for us, the new people of God. Called to live this blessed way to happiness, lets confess any ways we failed in mercy, peace or any other of the Beatitudes. Homily Our gospel today continues the Sermon on … [Read more…]

Sun February 5th, Fifth Sunday in Ordinary time A

Introduction A person I know says “I’m a non-believer, I don’t harm anyone, that’s enough”. But we’re here not just to avoid harm, but to do as much good as we can. We’re to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, our Gospel says. Lets confess ways we fail Christ, … [Read more…]