October 1st Twenty-Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction This Sunday continues the theme of materialism and greed as the enemies of godliness. Amos condemns the lavish sprawlers who are indifferent to the poor, and Christ’s tale of Dives and Lazarus has the same message. Lets confess ways we too ignore the poor.. Homily “You can’t serve God and money”. We’ve an example … [Read more…]

September 24th Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction The prophet Amos was a simple shepherd who demanded justice for the poor. In our first reading he condemns the wealthy swindlers who cause the ordinary people’s ruin. This links with the Gospel where Christ says, “you cannot serve God and money”. Lets confess ways we let lust for money undermine our love of … [Read more…]

September 17th Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction Scripture this week features mercy and forgiveness. In the first reading Moses prays for mercy for the people. And in the Gospel a kindly father, an image of God, readily forgives the prodigal son. Lets confess ways we may fail to forgive those who hurt us.. Homily One of the most inspiring films of … [Read more…]

September 10th Twenty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Introduction “Anyone who does not carry his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple”. Scripture asks us to bear unavoidable crosses for Christ and the world’s salvation, especially those that stem from keeping the faith, despite opposition, and giving to the poor. Lets confess ways worldliness hinder us in such service. Homily You … [Read more…]