Jan 1st The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God B

Introduction: We sometimes forget that just as we’ve a mother on earth we’ve a mother also in heaven. For Christ gave Mary to be our mother on the cross. We pray to that holy mother today for all mothers and we express our sorrow for any failure in our parental care.. Homily The hand that … [Read more…]

Dec. 31st The Holy Family of Jesus

Introduction: The Family is under siege today, with breakdown common. So we might listen to the wise advice for parents and children in the first reading, to practice mutual respect, love and kindness. As Paul says, let the message of Christ in all its richness find a place in our homes. Like the Holy family … [Read more…]

Dec. 25th The Nativily of the Lord B

Introduction We come to the joyful goal of our advent renewal, this glorious night of the Lord. Angels sing to us peace on earth, good will to men. That peace and love is what we should practice at Christmas and throughout the year. Lets confess any ways we fail in this.. Homily “Feed the world, … [Read more…]

Dec. 24th 4th Sunday of Advent B

Introduction This week’s readings remind us that our Christian role is to be the light of the world. For, as Peter says, since everything is coming to an end, so we should live good and holy lives as we await the coming of our great Lord and Saviour. John echoes this in our Gospel, “prepare … [Read more…]

Dec. 17th 3rd Sunday of Advent B

Introduction Behold the lamb of God, John says of Christ. He pointed to Christ the way the truth and the life for his day. Lets do the same for the lost of the flock today and confess where we fail in this.. Homily We live in throw-away society. Everything reminds us of this. Were told … [Read more…]

Dec. 10th Second Sunday of Advent B

Introduction Make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God. Thats the great cry of advent. And we have a model in this preparation for the coming of the Christ child in John the Baptist. Lets confess any ways we lack his integrity, love and prophetic commitment.. Homily Our gospel for this second Sunday … [Read more…]

Dec.8th Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Introduction This great feast, one of the few left in the church, reminds us of the dignity of the sinless one, our holy mother. For since Christ was also the one, in Paul’s words, like us in all things but sin so with his mother. So conscious of our own efforts to over come evil … [Read more…]

Dec. 3rd. First Sunday of Advent B

Introduction Advent’s a wonderful time, we prepare for the most amazing event in history, the birth of our Saviour. Out of the blue God trust this extraordinary surprise on us. In the darkness of a fallen world the fire of the Christ child blazed and lit up the earth. Lets prepare for his coming this … [Read more…]