April 2nd Palm Sunday A

Introduction We begin the most solemn week of the church year. We follow Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, his institution of the Eucharist, his suffering on the cross and his resurrection. To prepare for this holiest time of the Christian year, let confess our sins… Homily People are fickle. One minute they’re all about you. Then … [Read more…]

March 26th Fifth Sunday of Lent, A

Introduction Sometimes we downplay Christ’s humanity. The most humane of men he felt things deeply. He cried at the death of Lazarus, over Jerusalem and for Martha and Mary. May we similarly feel with those in sorrow, and lets confess any ways we fail in this… Homily I was at a funeral recently of a … [Read more…]

19th March, Fourth Sunday of Lent A

Introduction: “I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see”. In our gospel Christ opens the eyes of the blind man but the Pharisees refuse to see. Unlike them, lets keep our eyes open to His light of faith and goodness. Lets open our eyes and hearts to his grace … [Read more…]

March 17th St. Patrick’s Day

Introduction: This weekend we celebrate the great and joyful feast of St.Patrick, our national patron. He was and is still a great light of faith to us and the world. Lets confess any ways we fail in following him in faith and love and goodness.. Homily Why is St.Patrick our national icon. Maybe because down … [Read more…]

Sun 12th March, Third Sunday of Lent A

Introduction: In our gospel Christ drives out traders who were ripping off poor Temple devotees. Like the present cult of economics, the concern of the Pharisees was with their Temple business. Christ, opposing corruption there, had to be silenced, despite God’s command: “thou shall not kill”. Greed can be as ruthless among us today. Lets … [Read more…]

March 5th Second Sunday of Lent A

Introduction Scripture today features the infinite value of living life for God through every trial. Abraham, leaves all to serve God and becomes father of the faith. And Paul tells us to “bear every hardship for the sake of the good news”. Christ came down from the mountain to face the cross that saved the … [Read more…]