Reflections on the War in the Ukraine

Dear reader, it’s a while since I spoke to my faithful and beloved readers. So I include below a little poem on the Ukraine conflict. Our Lady of Medjugorje asks us constantly to pray for peace in the world. And she gives us the way, peace in each human heart from the lord. It’s a wonderful logic, there’s no war in Christian convents or monasteries built to build peace within and spread it to the world by prayer. So happy Easter and here is my little poem.

Reflections on the War in the Ukraine

Ballyduff is bathed in bright sunshine to welcome St Pat’s day,

And bands of nodding narcissi should take winter gloom away,

But Ukraine’s war plunges my soul back into winter’s despair.

I seek my old man’s advice. Whats new about war in Europe,

He says, my age endured its super state conflicts before you,

In two senseless wars and untold related smaller sideshows.

Putin’s another raving monster we’ve conceived in an obcene

Ongoing love affair with super-states and their war machines,

That produced the future children of Misses Power and Greed.

Already in this new century Syrian and Iraqi blood’s been spilt,

Still justified by the same old clever propaganda that we invent,

Implemented by cruel arms and even a nuclear enlightenement,

Served previously by fascists, communists, colonialists and more,

Who promised utopias but built paranoid states and sent hoards

Of people to gulag hells at home and on devastated foreign shores.

Seeing the Babels built on human bones in recurring killing fields,

Should we not seek radical change and an alternative era of peace?

Beyond superstate follies, and their fanatical self-justifying creeds.    

For indeed those who used biological and nuclear arms in our era

Were Putin precursors, us good westerners in our two Great Wars.

What greatness is there in mass killing of humanity in gas foxholes?

Sadly with Putin we’re on the same old horror merrygoround again,

And only a postmodern causal deconstruction can stop this killing,

Forever dismantle super-state war machines. We can do it if willing.

The alternative is new hoardes of refugees fleeing fresh war crimes.

Some can’t believe 21st century progress just meant old evils reprised, 

But superstate war machines were kept and powered up, not retired?

So retained, its inevitable they’re used today too by men who most of all

Desire power as Tolkien wrote. Stop it once and for all! Heed higher calls!

Peace on earth if we want it Lennon said the key is a resolute human will.

For if mankind really wanted peace it would surely have come long since,

So the will to do it, pursued relentlessly, is the only way to lasting  peace,

Peace on earth good will among men Christmas angels made perfect sense.

But men still want imposed power, even the sad new EU superstate seeks   

An armed wing now. Eras of conflict should have convinced us to be meek!

Disarm rather than arm more and finally follow the Prince of lasting Peace,

Lest a 21st century be also written as in Putin in big bloody letters of death

And our future offspring never know harmonious gentle living from birth,

Lets make willed lived peace everyone’s objective on a fair regreened earth.

If we dream harder and invoke higher aid its certain this can be achieved,

Men changed within living the peace for which God himself bled and died,

But no! We keep similar state war machines as that which Christ crucified.

Yet his peace in the human heart is the one path to peace for all thing alive;

There are no wars in the Christian convent founded to build Shalome inside,

Shalome is each heart at peace with itself, fellow man, nature and the divine.

With dark superstate war machines unto power we’re bloody, lost and blind.

But inner peace aided by divine grace saves and enlightens those who’re wise.

With such peace in each heart then logically hey presto a peaceful humankind.