Pinnacle book achievement award and a new poem

Dear readers, I send you a new poem about the Ukraine war, its spiritual implications. Also, some good news, my book Poems from Heartlands has been nominated for various awards and has won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. The following poem is from my upcoming new collection, Into the Light; hope you my beloved readers like it, Yours Fr. Con Buckley. 
The Angel of Peace (written during the Ukraine War)

And angel came to my door tonight

Fair as a star, bright

And innocent as a child’s prayer,

With hair of gold and eyes of fire,

And wings as white as my window pane

On a snowy night, and his hands

Touched me soft as carded wool

On an Aran loom. “What brings you

To my door dear angel?”, I cried. He replied:

“I come alas, but with one word, doom,

It is coming as dark as the coldest winter night”.

As he said this I seemed to hear drums beating,

As in a forest far away, drums of war

Again in Europe. “And how can I avert

This gathering doom?”, I cried, “pray” he replied,

And believe again, stay close to the lord

And Mary, and pray, pray for peace, pray

Without cease day and night

That the light won’t be completely blotted out

And me, the angel of peace will finally triumph

Over the horrid demons of war, death and grief.

And in the eyes of one of the demons,

Who now appeared to me, I seemed to see

Streams of refugees and reams of broken homes,

And shattered cities and battered highways

To nowhere but blood and gore,

And floods of tanks and whines of missiles

I saw tearing the land apart. This can’t go on,

I said, let the angel of peace reign instead,

Enter men’s hearts, and still the guns

Of war forever, let him reign near and far

That our sons and daughters won’t

Have to enlist in some bloody cause of power

Or service of some brutal empire built by fire

And by bloody slaughter of the innocent child.

Then sadly the angel faded before my eyes

And I cried salt tears at his demise,

For he was angel of God, sent

To make me peaceful and wise,

And gentle as the eternal skies.

Why again and again in sin I cried do people contrive

Endless wars against the will of the Lord’s own child? The crucified witness of a gentle Jesus meek and mild.