July 26th, Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Today Christ feeds the crowd in the wilderness. He still feeds us with himself. Lets confess any ways we’ve failed to appreciate our great communion with Him here in the Word and the Eucharist..

Once at Easter I asked an adult about to be baptized what becoming a Christian meant. “Really receiving the body of Christ”, she said. After her baptism and communion she lit up. “For first time I’ve real peace & happiness within”, she said. Christ feeds the crowds in our gospel. He still feeds His people at mass and we’re satisfied in body and soul. But receiving every Sunday, we can take this miracle for granted. So as we gather here to share the bread of life, lets renew our love for this gift whereby were united with the Lord. Lets reaffirm his presence for us as real, in communion and in the Tabernacle.
I sometimes think that he gets lonely waiting for people to come to come and speak to him in the Tabernacle. That’s why perpetual adoration is wonderful. It gives us a chance to be with the Lord and make up for the indifference of others. For faith is a growing relationship with God and communion is the kisses of that relationship. There’s a story of a man who’d visit the church each evening on the way home from work. He’d say “heh Jesus, its me Tom”. One day he’d a heart attack and his heart stopped. Before doctors brought him back he experienced a tunnel of light; Jesus came to him with open arms saying: “heh Tom, its me Jesus”.
If we’re with Jesus in weekly or daily communion and visit him in the church we’ll join him in happiness with our family for all eternity. For he promises: “whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I’Il raise him up on the last day”. Imagine that! We’re part of eternal life already when we receive him in communion. He remains with us for our earthly struggles.
For the Christ we receive is not remote. After he died for us, God raised him up and gave him all authority in heaven and earth. By regular communion we grow in intimacy with that glorious lord until we flower into eternity. But communion also enriched us for this life, it intensifies our joys and helps us bear burdens and sufferings. For in each Eucharist we share God’s life, commune with the saints in glory, and are one with the universal church. Mass is life and death for us. On Sunday Christ rose. On Sunday He feeds his people with the bread of life.
Moreover, communion enables us to live a life worthy of our calling in complete selfishness, gentleness and charity. As Christ feeds us, we feed the needy around us. He washed the feet of his disciples at the first mass to tell us that communion with Him should lead to humble service of God and others in daily life. He asks us to make our world a eucharistic community of service. Not only to enrich and make us part of eternal life but also to heal the world us. For its godless values fade to dust and ashes at last and leave us empty, but Christ is lord of life, love, peace, happiness and salvation in the mass, both for our happiness in this life and forever and ever, amen. So as God’s people sharing in His bread of life & bringing its fruits to others in overflowing love, we profess our faith..

Prayers of the faithful
And as a eucharistic community let’s pray for what we need..

For our Holy Father and all church leaders, that they may feed the people of God by preaching the Word well and leading us as a eucharistic community to happiness and eternal life..

For our civil leaders that they may serve the people under their care well, expecially the poor and most vulnerable in society..

For our wonderful youth that, coming each Sunday to the table of the Word and communion, they may energized for graceful living in this world, and an eternity with the saints when he come again..

For ourselves that we may go out from the table of the Lord to carry faith, love, peace and grace to our chidren, workmates and community, and so enrich the lives of all we touch..

For the sick that through regular or First Friday reception of the eucharist, as part of our Christian care, they may know the comfort, care and healing of Christ, the Good Shepherd…

For the dead, that having received Christ regularly here they may come to the promised resurrection and the highest heaven through our prayers and masses for them as their eucharistic family..

We ask all these prayers through Christ who is lord of us his eucharistic family, and of all the living forever and ever, amen.
Let me fill out last week’s story. A prince’s gold statue overlooked a city. A swallow resting on him was amazed to see tears running down his face. He said: “I see much misery in my city, little swallow pluck the gold from my clothes and give it to the poor”. The swallow should be flying to warm climes but he stayed feeding needy citizens by stripping the prince of his gold. Then too late to go south he died. The worldly city lords seeing the tarnished statue threw it and the dead bird on the scrap heap. That story is the gospel. Our prince is Christ who stripped himself of glory to feed us. He cast off his golden clothes to end on the scrap heap of the cross. But he still feeds his people with the bread of life. Lets be that swallow, serving him and the needy around us as his hands to the world..Hail Mary