June 21st , Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B.

Trust in God is a wonderful thing. He speaks to us, as the first reading says, from the heart of every Tempest of life. We see Jesus stilling the storm in the Gospel and saying: “Why are you so frightened? How is it you have no faith?”. Lets confess any ways we’ve failed to trust in God amid life’s tempests..

“I feel just awful, I wish someone would shoot me, I can’t go on living”, a person said to me once. I was shocked because for me life is precious, I can’t imagine anyone giving up hope. But maybe I’m naive. I know that even in times of affluence, and more so in times of recession, many are troubled. Multitudes ring The Samaritans and Helpline every day. We all go through rough patches in life, when problems and difficulties pile up we’re tempted to despair. Dont, listen to Christ instead: “Why are you so frightened? How is it you have no faith”. The apostles lost faith during the storm but he rebuked them and calmed the waves. In the same way He’ll heal us if we let Him, He’ll lift us up in dark times, lighten our burdens. Scripture says: “Cast your care on the Lord for he has care of you”. Christ in the Gospel says: “Do not be afraid, trust in God, trust also in me”.
“Be not afraid for I am with you” was the catch-cry of the late John Paul 11. He lived this gospel of trust in Christ. It enabled him to survive the horrors of Fascism in his native Poland and later terrible communist repression. He had to be ordained in secret because the church was banned. He also survived the early death of his parents, and, as Pope, a vicious attack on his life. Trust in Christ carried him through each catastrophe. If we imitate him we’ll be wise, holy, happy people. Trust in God will carry us past all obstacles. In that sense God is not a luxury to take or leave, he’s as necessary as the air we breathe. People only lose out when that sure grounds taken away.
For without God’s healing presence life is ultimately empty and meaningless, there are few reasons to go on. This is a proven fact. Psychological studies in hospitals have shown that those with faith are more likely to recover from illness and recover more quickly. I read recently about Pierce Brosnan, the movie star who seems so self-assured. In fact he suffered many crises of late. He wrote that without his Catholic faith he’d never have got through or made those trials a source of growth in his life.
This is the great consolation of us all as God’s people. We’re not alone. God is with us in Christ and enables us to grow, even through our troubles. The psalms says: “his love endures forever”. St.Paul says nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. If we trust and pray He’ll turn our weaknesses into strengths. For Christ cares. He spent his public life caring for those in society who were sick and scorned by the world. His loves us. We mustn’t forget that. We’re children of an infinitly caring God who doesn’t judge by worldly standards. The Sacred Heart feast we had recently illustrates that, his heart burns with love for each of us. He’s just waiting for us to ask Him to lighten our way in life’s dark hours. Thats wisdom, to know our need for God, that all else ultimately fails. It really hurts Him when those who need him most turn away. He can heal us and bring us eternal life but many won’t let him. So things get ever rougher and soon we’ve no ground at all to stand on. As God’s people lets avoid that trap and stay in his saving arms. For the world and its trials pass, but Christ is lord of hope, love and inner peace for this world and forever and ever, amen.
So as God’s people trusting in Christ to calm all the storms in our life and bring us safely home, we profess our faith.

Prayers of the faithful
For our Holy Father the Pope that he may be an example to the whole world of the trust in God which brings peace..

For civil leaders that as the American dollar says “in God we trust” they may not exclude God from their governing spirit..

For our youth that amid the storms of life they may find safe anchor in Christ their loving Savior..

For ourselves that in our homes when things go wrong we may turn to Christ and his blessed Mother as our one sure harbour..

For the sick that they may trust in the Lord through all their sufferings and through our care know his presence in their lives

For the dead that the storms of life over they may rest in the Lord forever, helped to their heavenly peace by our prayers..

We ask all these prayers through the same Christ who is lord of consolation, inner strength and peace forever and ever, amen.

One of the great scenes in the Old Testament is David’s confrontation with Goliath. David says to this giant come to fight him: “you trust in your shield and armour but I trust in the lord my God”. Of course, through that trust the boy David was able to overcome the mighty arrogant warrior of the Philistines. We pray that we will have the same trust and through it do great things by the power of his grace in us..Hail Mary